CSAMTControlled-Source Audio-Magnetotelluric Technique
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A CSAMT survey was conducted over the anomalous area and outlined structures conducive to hosting gold mineralization as well as a resistivity low at depth which could potentially reflect lower plate rocks which commonly host significant gold deposits in Nevada such as Cortez Hills.
The gravity and CSAMT data will be used to further evaluate this possibility.
Overall, the new CSAMT data appear to provide a much clearer basis for defining the presence, geometry, and depth extensions of the northerly-trending structures at Rimrock that contain opalite-cinnabar (mercury sulfide) mineralization.
Preliminary analysis of the raw CSAMT data appears to provide an excellent basis for defining and interpreting potentially mineralized structures at Rimrock.
In summary the geochemical, MMI and CSAMT study followed by the Orion 3D CIP and MT Inversion surveys has provided an accurate delineation of deep seated alteration zones that host mineralization.
CSAMT together with passive magnetotellurics (MT) has been successfully developed for exploration of oil and natural gas resources.
The 2011 CSAMT resistivity geophysical survey identified three potential feeder zones to gold mineralization, Sancos Central, Sancos Northeast and Sancos Southwest (see press release dated October 13, 2011).
In addition to drilling, Midas Gold conducted extensive geophysical, geochemical and geological exploration programs (including more than 52km of CSAMT surveys, 3,400 soil samples and 350 stream sediment samples) with the objective of discovering new deposits, and successfully outlined a number of new targets.
Some ground electrical geophysics (IP - Induced Polarization) has been run over the area, as well as an electromagnetic survey known as CSAMT (Controlled Source Audiorange Magneto Tellurics).
Cleary's NI43-101 report summarizes the historic work at Capgold and incorporates the results of the property-wide CSAMT geophysical survey data collection and interpretation report by the Company's Geophysical Consultant Mr.
com) (the "Company") is pleased to announce receipt of the Capgold Project's CSAMT (Controlled Source Audio Magneto-Telluric) Report from the Company's Consulting Geophysicist, Mr.
Drill hole CDM 002 was drilled to test matching gold and copper Mobile Metal Ion anomalies within a strong CSAMT geophysical anomaly.