CSANTCardiothoracic Surgery Associates of North Texas
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Bearing the entire data storage burden, MPV utilizes an application service provider model with CSANT, deploying the software and associated data across a secure Internet connection.
With the system in place, MPV's client development team trained CSANT staff on the use of the application, including how to run a variety of tracking reports.
Phynance "piggybacks" on top of CSANT's Misys PMS and relies on claim data already flowing through the PMS.
These data are a subset of HCFA 1500 claim form data elements from the majority of CSANT's fee-for-service claims and include the variables payers use to value their claims.
It flags contract-level errors in the allowed amount as well as their code-level sources, providing CSANT billing staff with concise explanations for informed and successful appeals, or refunds to payers.
CSANT end users can run standard, semi-custom and custom reports to manage the practice group's reimbursements and contracts, and to respond to any potential audits.
This up-to-date accuracy helps ensure Medicare compliance for over-allowances, and custom reports run by CSANT's staff can serve as detailed support for compliance.