CSAOCompagnie du Sénégal et de l'Afrique de l'Ouest (French: Company of Senegal and West Africa)
CSAOClub du Sahel et de l'Afrique de l'Ouest (French: Sahel and West Africa Club)
CSAOchief student affairs officer
CSAOCentral State Administration Office (Croatia)
CSAOChief Scientific Applications Officer
CSAOChinese Shaanxi Astronomical Observatory (Lintong, China)
CSAOComputer Software Assisted Ordering (bio-computing)
CSAOComputer Science: an Overview (educational course)
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As the presidential election drew near, Ottawa's Catholics were warned from the pulpit that Communists were gaining control of the CSAO. Urging his parishioners to vote "with discretion," a local priest proclaimed "all members of this association who have faith in democracy must unite against Communist infiltration." Four thousand members showed up to vote at the Annual General Meeting in December 1948, the biggest turnout in the organization's 40-year history.
Construction Safety Association of Ontario (CSAO), 1993, Back Care and Manual Materials Handling in Construction.
Small contractors make up two-thirds of the industry in Ontario and experience a disproportionate number of injuries and death, CSAO records show.
The CSAO estimates that 18,000 largely untrained workers entered the field in 1998.
In an effort to improve occupational safety, the CSAO has stepped up its entry-level training opportunities for workers.
According to Don Dickie, executive vice-president and general manager of CSAO, "We are at the point where it is normal not to have injuries.
Sandeen builds a strong case and vision for the CSAO as a leader and manager of programs and services necessary for fostering students' success in learning, shaping the composition of the student body, and contributing to the teaching and learning process of the institution in vital ways.
As the manager, the CSAO must also be accountable for programs, policies, facilities, and financial resources.
In the role of mediator, the CSAO must be able to cope with the complexities of student life, which means handling controversy, resolving conflicts, and fostering relationships and cooperation among competing interests.
Sandeen emphasizes the role of the CSAO as educator and describes the expertise that he or she brings to a more complete educational experience for students.
In addition to being a manager, mediator, and educator, the CSAO must be the campus expert on students and must be able to establish trusting relationships with them, relationships that demonstrate care, consistency, and communication.
Sandeen identifies and highlights the roles of the CSAO with visible advocacy and advice.