CSARSCenter for Spatial Analysis and Remote Sensing (California State University; Los Angeles, CA)
CSARSCommunity Service Assurance Reporting System
CSARSCommité de Surveillance des Activités de Renseignement de Sécurité (Security Intelligence Review Commission - Canada)
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Intimately familiar with CSAR, the author flew combat as a forward air controller in Vietnam, worked as a contractor within the Joint Personnel Recovery Agency, and wrote The Rescue of Bat 21 (Naval Institute Press, 1998).
The author also looks at the command-and-control structure for CSAR, explaining why the Air Force did not deploy its Air Rescue Service during the operation.
On the modern battlefield, CSAR is no longer just a tactical mission to bring our countrymen home; rather, today's around-the-clock news cycle gives it greater strategic status in the information war.