CSAVRCouncil of State Administrators of Vocational Rehabilitation
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ACTION: RSA and CSAVR will identify and communicate proposed streamlining issues to the IRI for study and development of useful guidance and training materials in order to sustain, expand, and improve the Streamlining Initiative.
CSAVR is focused on maintaining and enhancing a strong, effective and efficient national program of public vocational rehabilitation services to empower individuals with disabilities to achieve the employment, economic self-sufficiency, independence, inclusion and integration into the community.
Shortly after the regional conference in May 1996, New England CSAVR charged a continuous improvement workgroup with the task of developing a regional plan and regional benchmarks for streamlining.
During the past few years, RSA and CSAVR determined the need to be more actively involved in IRI and to use this activity as a yearly opportunity to rethink the VR process and to improve program performance.
Kathleen West-Evans, Director of Business Relations for CSAVR, for her assistance on this research project and her helpful comments on this article.
We appreciate OfficeMax's dedication and proactive approach to hiring individuals with disabilities," said Kathleen West-Evans, director of Business Relations for the National Employment Team at CSAVR.
Proceedings of the NCRE, RSA and CSAVR 1995 Conference.
development, publication and distribution in 1992-93 of the IRI document extensively referred to in this article under the sponsorship of RSA, NIDRR, and CSAVR.
Proceedings of the 1993 NCRE, RSA, CSAVR Conference.
Proceedings of the 1993 NCRE, RSA, and CSAVR conference.
1) This partial list was compiled as a part of a review of undergraduate rehabilitation programs now being conducted at the request of NCRE, in cooperation with RSA and CSAVR.