CSBGCommunity Services Block Grant
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CSBGCentral Siberian Botanical Garden (Novosibirsk, Russia)
CSBGCadbury Schweppes Bottling Group (soft drinks)
CSBGCandida Soluble Beta-D-Glucan (pharmacology)
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Cutting CSBG funds would dismantle a responsive, holistic program that began as the War on Poverty and has helped millions of Americans live decent lives at a time when the difference between the rich and the poor has grown exponentially.
There are two differences between the additional ARRA CSBG funds and the regular CSBG funds.
In addition, GAO found that OCS did not routinely collect key information, such as results of state monitoring reports, or systematically use available information, such as state performance data, to assess the states' CSBG management risks and target monitoring efforts to states with the highest risk.
Recently, the National League of Cities passed a resolution that supports full funding for CSBG.
SSBG helps serve the needs of special population groups, while CSBG provides federal funds to local agencies for general activities designed to reduce poverty.
Both CSBG, which funds Community Action Agencies (CAAs), and WAP, an energy efficiency program, address the needs of low-income families.
We urge Congress to reinstate level funding of $677 million and preserve this essential block grant for the more than 20 million low-income Americans served by CSBG last year.
This cooperative agreement will continue to support an ongoing State, Regional, and National T/TA Strategy for collaboration, capacity-building, and exemplary practice in the CSBG program and among State Community Action Agency Associations, also referred to as State Associations.
Under the Recovery Act, organizations receiving CSBG funding must use the resources to help get our economy back on track.
To address the needs of Community Action Agencies, CTK offers the CAPilot ODM, which conforms to ROMA, LIHEAP, CSBG and other CAA state and federal reporting requirements.
Tenders are invited for Provide CSBG auto repair for auto repair.
Proposed TANF, CSBG and SAMHSA guidance would impose unfunded mandates on cities by placing "the responsibility for providing the alternative service provider with the state and local agency.