CSBVChinese Sacbrood Bee Virus (pathogen)
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Our initial descriptive analysis is based simply on the measured differences between the freshman- and junior-year surveys on the relevant CSBV questions.
However, the CSBV data indicate that the typical Catholic student at a Catholic college or university is in many ways similar to a Catholic student attending a public or state college or university.
Variables from the CSBV were selected on the basis of their ability to measure attitudes and behavior comparatively with the teachings and statements of the pope and the U.S.
The following CSBV questions used in both surveys were selected as key outcomes based on the standards outlined above.
Yet even with the data limitations of this study we can conclude that we have not found any evidence, short of movement away from the Church teachings regarding affirmative action in college admissions, that Catholic colleges and universities are systematically making students "less Catholic." Also, other results of the CSBV survey not included in the analysis above indicate more broadly that students self-identifying as Catholic at Catholic colleges and universities remain profoundly connected to their faith in their junior year.
the remaining four measures were single items on the CSBV follow-up
larger set of 19 constructs that emerged in the analysis of the CSBV
of the CSBV questionnaire they received as juniors in 2003: questioned
For instance, indicators of religiousness in the CSBV survey included: follow religious teaching in everyday life (Astin et al., 2004).