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CSCECommission on Security and Cooperation in Europe (US government agency involved in work of OSCE)
CSCECanadian Society for Civil Engineering
CSCECoffee, Sugar & Cocoa Exchange
CSCEClub Subaquatique de la Côte d'Émeraude (French: Emerald Coast Underwater Club)
CSCEComputer Science and Computer Engineering (university department)
CSCEConseil et Services dans la Communication des Entreprises (French: Business Communication Council and Services)
CSCECertificate of Successful Completion of Exam
CSCEConnecticut Society of Civil Engineers (est. 1884)
CSCEConferenza per la Sicurezza e la Cooperazione in Europa
CSCECanadian Society for Chemical Engineering
CSCEChina State Construction Engineering
CSCEConference On Security & Cooperation in Europe
CSCECommon Scenario Control Environment
CSCECommunications System Control Element/Equipment (TRI-TAC)
CSCECommon Systems Configuration Engineering
CSCEComputer Simulated Clinical Exercise for Dental Hygiene
CSCEComputer Security Conference and Exhibition (Computer Security Institute)
CSCEContinental Stratocumulus Experiment
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An important step by CSCE was its creation in 1992 of the post of high commissioner on national minorities to provide "early warning" and "early action," and the next year adding to the commissioner's mandate the requirement to address "all aspects of aggressive nationalism, racism, chauvinism, xenophobia, and anti-Semitism.
Such comments caused Baker to advise Bush that the "real risk to nato is CSCE.
Even though Reagan focused on using "quiet diplomacy" to win Soviet concessions on human rights issues, he chose to remain in the CSCE and not abrogate the Final Act (Helsinki Accords) as many of his conservative critics would have liked.
On 6 December 1994 the Budapest summit of CSCE turned it into an organization - the OSCE, which decided to establish a co-chairmanship for the Minsk group, consisting of the USA, France and Russia.
On the other hand, one should not overlook the fact that the Final Act explicitly states "that governments, institutions, organizations and persons have a relevant and positive role to play in contributing toward the achievement" of the CSCE aims (see principle IX),
Furthermore, the Soviets emphasised border guarantees and territorial claims and wanted to embed the united Germany in a more developed and institutionalised CSCE process.
Summary: ALGIERS-The Government encourages Chinese investment in Algeria, said Wednesday in Algiers Minister of Public Works Amar Ghoul, during talks he had with CEO of the Chinese company CSCE.
For this reason, the CSCE was little by little transformed from a forum for negotiation and dialogue into an active operational structure, i.
En 1976 y 1977 fue jefe de gabinete de Marcelino Oreja, primero subsecretario y luego ministro de Asuntos Exteriores, y mas tarde desempeno la direccion de la delegacion espanola en el periodo de sesiones de la CSCE en la Conferencia de Madrid, entre 1980 y 1982, y fue nombrado primer embajador efectivo de Espana en la Alianza Atlantica, hasta la victoria electoral del PSOE.
First, in June 1992, NATO Foreign Ministers made the historic decision to support, on a case-by-case basis, peacekeeping activities under the CSCE (Commission for Security and Co-operation in Europe).
In 2004 he was a Special Envoy of the President of the CSCE for Armenia and Azerbaijan.