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CSCLChina Shipping Container Lines (China Shipping Group)
CSCLComputer Support for Collaborative Learning (also seen as Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning; conference and educational method)
CSCLChemical Substances Control Law (Japan)
CSCLCultural Studies and Comparative Literature (University of Minnesota)
CSCLCounter Strike Champions League (online gaming)
CSCLChilliwack Society for Community Living (Canada)
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Overall, by reviewing ELL students' writing needs, the development of CSCL, and its application to online collaborative writing, one could make the following inferences:
The service between CSCL and UASC, links leading ports across Asia and Northern Europe.
Along with the omnipresence of using computers and the Internet in classrooms, CSCL seems to have a promising influence on both students' learning and teachers' teaching (Oliver & Omari, 1998; Bell & Winn, 2000; Koschmann, 1996).
The second CSCL community, which was established in a Year 7 classroom, focused on mathematical problem solving.
Gulftainer managing director Peter Richards expressed his delight at the arrival of the vessel; "We are very pleased to welcome the CSCL Uranus into Khorfakkan.
Last December Saudi Border Guards in Jazan rescued a Sri Lankan sailor after they received information from the captain of The CSCL Long Beach that he was injured during his journey from Spain to Malaysia.
Other subjects explored include using role play and team teaching in online discussions, implementing computer-interpretable CSCL scripts with embedded assessment, and annotation-enhanced online discussion forums.
It addresses the uses of CSCL in education, business and society in general, as well as the psychological, social and technological impact of CSCL on individuals, groups and society.
Some studies suggest that CSCL might restructure elementary school students' motivational orientation among non-task-oriented students (Jarvela & Niemivirta, 2001).
Pikaar added, Take, for example, the arrival of the world s largest container ship, the CSCL Globe, or the Pieter Schelte.