CSCORCenter for Sponsored Coastal Ocean Research
CSCORCenter for School Counseling Outcome Research (University of Massachusetts)
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There are several ways that CSCOR provides school counseling practitioners and educators with information about relevant research.
In addition to research briefs, CSCOR publishes or reprints longer research papers called monographs on its Web site.
CSCOR has organized and is supporting the National Panel for School Counseling Evidence-Based Practice (the National Panel).
CSCOR also is committed to providing school counseling practitioners, administrators, and educators with useful information about program evaluation.
Additionally, CSCOR has developed a series of stakeholder perception surveys about school counselor programs, including surveys for school counselors, parents, and teachers at the elementary, middle, and high school levels.
CSCOR has developed models for district-wide school counseling program evaluations, and it has supported districts in this process.
A future goal for CSCOR is to provide practitioners with more evaluation instruments, and with lists of instruments that have been determined to have reliability and validity for measuring school counseling-related outcomes.
In order for school counselors to more easily analyze their program or school data, CSCOR has supported the development and dissemination of EZAnalyze, a free software program that can be added into Microsoft Excel.
A fundamental goal of CSCOR is to help all school counselors develop the needed skills in order to develop and evaluate high-quality school counseling programs.
CSCOR currently has an online course about college counseling and is planning to develop several 1- to 3-credit Web-based graduate courses on topics such as using data to guide program planning, evaluating programs and interventions, and evidence-based curriculum interventions.