CSCRConsortium for Slow Commotion Research
CSCRCalifornia State Contracts Register
CSCRCentral Serous Chorioretinopathy
CSCRCentral Society for Clinical Research (Milwaukee, WI)
CSCRCapacitor Start Capacitor Run (electronics)
CSCRCenter for Student Coastal Research
CSCRCentre for Social Change Research (QUT)
CSCRCTAS Software Change Request
CSCRCommunications Systems Center Regulation
CSCRComputer System Change Request
CSCRContemporary Standard Colloquial Russian (lingustics)
CSCRCentre for Supramolecular Chemistry Research (University of Cape Town; South Africa)
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CSCR is the first exchange traded product in the US market to offer investors exposure to the Credit Suisse Backwardation Total Return Index.
The Credit Suisse Commodity Backwardation Index, underlying the CSCR ETN, is a long-only diversified commodity index composed of single-commodity indices that follows a rules-based strategy to select eight commodities based on the price of the commodity futures contracts of various terms.
Deloitte Consulting and CSCR have recently entered into a relationship that will allow access to their leading-edge thinking on supply chain practices.
17, 1995--CROSS CANADA RESOURCES (CANADIAN DEALING NETWORK: CSCR ) Cross Canada Resources releases exploration update of the Spanride Property where 70 km of line cutting has been completed and geophysical surveys have begun.
Additionally, CSCR lists exempted contracts awarded without advertising and progress payments made to prime contractors.