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CSCSCertified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
CSCSConstruction Skills Certification Scheme (UK)
CSCSCenter for the Study of Complex Systems (University of Michigan)
CSCSCenter for Surface Combat Systems
CSCSColorado Springs Christian Schools (Colorado)
CSCSCentre for the Study of Culture and Society
CSCSCanadian Society of Corporate Secretaries
CSCSCapital Security Cost Sharing
CSCSContract Security Classification Specification
CSCSCriminal Sale of a Controlled Substance (criminal charge)
CSCSCenter for Safety-Critical Systems
CSCSCanadian Society of Cardiac Surgeons
CSCSCasualty Control Computer System
CSCSCost and Schedule Control System (sometimes seen as CS2)
CSCSCombat Systems Casualty Control Computer System
CSCSCentral Safety Consultancy Services Ltd (UK)
CSCSComputer-Supported Collaboration System
CSCSCounterdrug Surveillance & Control System
CSCSSenior Chief Commissaryman (Naval Rating)
CSCSCommon Signaling Channel System
CSCSCommunity Safety and Correctional Services (Canada)
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The CSCS CoP is hosted on Navy Knowledge Online (NKO) and includes the individual rate/job communities that are taught by CSCS.
I confirm our agreement to amend the current WDA redundancy policy to the effect of making WDA staff eligible for CSCS redundancy terms.
In our case, however, CSCS created a forum as part of their research into classroom technology and distance learning, which allowed us more control over the design of the interface.
Michael Rogers, PhD, CSCS, FACSM, Wichita State University, Wichita, KS, USA
Those working as a labourer (but who do not currently have a CSCS card) and those whose CSO cards have expired will also be able to apply for a red provisional card.
Convincing players to not to seek transfers to other states has so far been a big challenge for CSCS officials.
The Sailors were hands-on in the preparation of every single food item, from salads to main courses and desserts, and they really enjoyed it," CSCS Sydenstricker said.
CSCS - the Construction Skills Certification Scheme - was set up to help the construction industry improve quality and reduce accidents.
The scheme was set up to help the construction industry improve quality and reduce accidents, and CSCS cards are increasingly demanded as proof of occupational competence by organisations across the industry.
There is a government target that everyone who works on a building site should hold a CSCS or CPCS certificate by 2010 and we are ahead of schedule on that because we will do so by next year," he said.
Valdemar Bastos, a painter and decorator from Angola, said: "This course has given me the opportunity to show I have the necessary construction skills and the CSCS card proves that I have the ability.
The Navy team earned a silver medal in the hot kitchen competition and bronze in the chef of the year category, while CSCS Derrick Davenport, who works for Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, won a gold medal for chef of the year.