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CSCWComputer Supported Cooperative Work
CSCWCentre for the Study of Civil War (Norway)
CSCWComputer Supported Collaborative Work
CSCWClassification Schemes in Cooperative Work (professional workshop)
CSCWCommander Strategic Communications Wing One (Tinker Air Force Base, OK)
CSCWChurch Society for College Work (est. 1935)
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In the context of the communication, an approach that has deserved a special highlight, is CSCW.
9) S Benford, C Brown, G Reynard, and C Greenhalgh, "Shared Spaces: Transportation, Artificiality, and Spatiality," in CSCW '96: Proceedings of the 1996 ACM Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work (New York: ACM Press, 1996), 77-86.
Why CSCW Applications Fail: Problems in the Adoption of Interdependent Work Tools, Proceedings of ACM CSCW'90 Conference, 371-380.
We believe there is power in a construct, which is forged from the literature of social presence and CSCW, and which is shown not to be associated with gender while achieving statistical significance in explaining learning satisfaction and behavioral intentions to use technology.
Relevant to the failure of the four teams to use technology successfully, for example, are the literatures on IS implementation, IS development, and CSCW [computer-supported cooperative work].
Este tipo de fallas de diseno, que hace evidente la falta de adecuacion del software con la tarea, han sido reportadas en otras areas del CSCW (Scott, 1997; Potts et al.
Other intriguing possibilities include working with activists in the Free Software Movement to develop CSCW technology that could be used by people in low-income communities who cannot afford the advanced technology employed in today's businesses.
Research investigating CSCW first appeared coincident with the invention of time-sharing systems.
CSCW focuses on designing and understanding computer tools as used in and by groups.
On the other hand, Eevi Beck's article, also based on research done into CSCW, is poorly written and meanders to no discernible point in its description of two academics composing a paper by email.
1988), "Work group structures and computer support: a field experiment", Proceedings of the Conference on CSCW '88, ACM Press, Portland, OR.
Her research interests include workflow systems, BPM, CSCW, workflow supported social networks discovery and analysis, and process-aware IoT.