CSCoREComputer Security in a Collaborative Research Environment (Conference)
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El algoritmo para el docking con FlexX hace que este coloque de forma automatica los ligandos dentro del sitio activo predefinido, tomando en cuenta consideraciones geometricas y electronicas, adicional a lo anterior la funcion consenso, Cscore, permite una evaluacion mas robusta y precisa de las mejores conformaciones del ligando y de las interacciones ligando- receptor (29).
To avoid the confounding influence of correlation among independent variables, we estimated a proxy for CScore that was orthogonal to GFirst, and used this estimate (Control) in our hypothesis tests.
In Nebraska, for example, the results of this evaluation have already been disseminated broadly to school counselors and administrators across the state including a keynote address by CSCORE staff on the study's findings at a NSCA Leadership Academy.
CSCOREs annual review of research: Best practices in school counseling.