CSDMCommission Scolaire de Montreal
CSDMCase School of Dental Medicine (Case Western Reserve University; Cleveland, OH)
CSDMCounter-Strike Death Match (gaming)
CSDMCollaborative Spatial Decision Making (National Center for Geographic Information and Analysis)
CSDMCenter for Shared Decision Making
CSDMCross-Spectral Density Matrix
CSDMComputer System Diagnostic Manual
CSDMCommercial Sector Demand Module (DoE, NEMS)
CSDMComputer Science and Discrete Mathematics
CSDMCustom Sign and Decal Maker (software)
CSDMCollaborative Service Delivery Model (autism)
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CSDM Calls on Quebec to Make up for 'Decades of Neglect' in Infrastructure Spending.
And to prove that our CSDM gives the best performance to reduce the traffic during service discovery using some analytical derivations.
To make the CSDM and Regional Services Plan work, they have changed how they manage the department.
Zhu and Cai [28] derived analytical formula for the CSDM of a twisted electromagnetic Gaussian Schell-model (TEGSM) beam propagating through an astigmatic ABCD optical system in gain or absorbing media and studied numerically the evolution properties of the DoP of a TEGSM beam in a Gaussian cavity filled with gain media.
Nuttall et al., "Veterans affairs cooperative study on glycemic control and complications in type II diabetes (VA CSDM).
Stoddard, whose CSDM Fundraising Ltd collapsed last year owing more than PS500,000, has not got back to me.
Notre population etait constituee de 11 sujets (6 filles et 5 garcons) provenant de 5 ecoles de la Commission scolaire de Montreal (CSDM) situees en milieux defavorises.
The company behind these mass mailshots is CSDM Ltd.