CSDMSCanadian Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers (Ontario, Canada)
CSDMSCommunity Surface Dynamics Modeling System (computer modeling of earth surface processes)
CSDMSCenter for Science, Development and Media Studies (Noida, India)
CSDMSClinical Study Data Management System (Yale Center for Medical Informatics; New Haven, CT)
CSDMSCenter for Spatial Database Management & Solutions
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"We argue that the world's low-lying deltas are increasingly vulnerable to flooding, either from their feeding rivers or from ocean storms," said CU-Boulder Research Associate Albert Kettner, a co-author on the study at CU-Boulder's Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research and member of the CSDMS team.
Norris, 2013: A component-based approach to integrated modeling in the geosciences: The design of CSDMS. Comput.
The NSF-funded Earth System Bridge project is building converters that will enable NUOPC codes to be run within the Community Surface Dynamics Modeling System (CSDMS), which contains many smaller models representing local surface processes, and CSDMS codes to be run within ESMF.