CSDTComputer Software Data Tapes (NASA)
CSDTCrew Systems Design Techniques
CSDTCulturally Situated Design Tool
CSDTComputer Software Development Technology (various organizations)
CSDTControl for Submarine Discharge Torpedo
CSDTContinuous Space Discrete Time (mathematics)
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A path model based on CSDT was created a priori to describe relationships between variables (McCann & Pearlman, 1990b; Pearlman & Saakvitne, 1995).
Vicarious traumatization: The Trauma and Attachment Belief Scale (TABS; Pearlman, 2003) is an 84-item self-report questionnaire based on CSDT.
Simultaneous evaluation of the fit indices indicates that CSDT seems to have some relevance in explaining the development of VT in mental health counselors, but it does not provide a comprehensive explanation.
The model tested the CSDT claim that a history of childhood trauma affects the development of VT but may be partially mediated by personal wellness and a strong supervisory working alliance.
Finally, the model tested the CSDT claim that a positive organizational culture decreases therapist vulnerability to VT, but high workload (collective work responsibilities) increases this vulnerability (Pearlman & Saakvitne, 1995; Trippany et al.
In this series of CSDT, the gold standard was the type of gram-negative bacteremia, either Enterobacteriaceae or not.
For a CSDT, usually only the DOR is used in deriving summary effect measure.
Several aspects of the meta-analysis methodology applied to CSDTs contrast with those applied to RCTs.
A meta-analysis of a series of CSDTs is superficially similar to the meta-analysis of a series of RCTs in that the combinable measure of the study effect across a series of CSDTs is the diagnostic odds ratio (DOR), which is an homologous measure to the OR of the RCT.
The CSDT is the counterpart of the GHTF's Summary Technical Documentation.
Besides the CSDT, the other major document the AMDD requires for medical device approval is the Declaration of Conformity.
The standard language for the CSDT will be English, though labeling materials may be an exception.