CSDTComputer Software Data Tapes (NASA)
CSDTCrew Systems Design Techniques
CSDTCulturally Situated Design Tool
CSDTComputer Software Development Technology (various organizations)
CSDTContinuous Space Discrete Time (mathematics)
CSDTControl for Submarine Discharge Torpedo
CSDTCenter for Self-Determination Theory (Celebration, FL)
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Although there is great value in the involvement of heritage culture in programming, it is important to illuminate the issues that can arise in CSDT applications.
A distinct study by Eglash and Bennett (2009) also used vernacular culture via a CSDT software called Cornrow Curves.
The Trauma and Attachment Belief Scale (TABS; Pearlman, 2003) was utilized to measure the amount of disruption to the counselor's beliefs and psychological needs that are challenged and potentially disrupted as a result of exposure to client trauma as conceptualized by CSDT (Pearlman, 2003).
Varra, Pearlman, Brock, and Hodgson (2008) investigated the factor structure of the TABS and reported a three-factor solution inclusive of self, other, and safety (world), which is consistent with CSDT and the subscales of the TABS.
Typical components of a CSDT would include the following:
(6) By contrast, for CSDT, the 2 populations ([D.sup.-] versus [D.sup.+]) are constituent within the study population and membership is usually defined by reference to a gold standard test.
The result of a CSDT is often presented as the test's sensitivity and specificity, which are more widely understood terms than is the DOR.
CSDT posits that examining both adaptive and less adaptive coping responses is essential for understanding the process of adjustment during the aftermath of a traumatic event.
In addition, this article applies the Constructivist Self-Development Theory (CSDT) to VT, and discusses the implications CSDT has for preventing and managing counselor VT.
The CSDT explains the types of data that must be included in the dossier for device registration in all ASEAN countries.
To understand VT and its unique manifestation in practitioners, it is important to understand the constructivist self-development theory (CSDT), which is VT's theoretical basis (McCann & Pearlman, 1990a; Pearlman & Saakvitne, 1995).