CSEASCenter for Southeast Asian Studies (Philippines)
CSEASChild Support Enforcement Automated System
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Justice, Division of Child Support is seeking one (1) professional services Project Management Contractor to assist the Program in developing and implementing CSEAS 2.
1) Developing or assist in developing all critical CSEAS 2.
Hull: Occasional Paper No 1, CSEAS, University of Hull.
Hull: Occasional Paper No 13: CSEAS, University of Hull.
I would like to thank Carol Hau and Shiraishi Takashi for offering constructive suggestions and Okamoto Masaaki for giving me an opportunity to use the library of CSEAS of Kyoto University.
Kyoto CSEAS Series on Asian Studies 2, Center for Southeast Asian Studies,
The CSEAS serves as the anchorage for Southeast Asianists in the Kyoto-Osaka area, organizing seminars, symposia, and joint research within the Centre and without.
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