CSEBChhattisgarh State Electricity Board (India)
CSEBCanadian Society for Epidemiology and Biostatistics (est. 1990)
CSEBCanadian Society of Environmental Biologists
CSEBComputational Science and Engineering Building (John Hopkins University; Maryland)
CSEBCommunity School of the East Bay (Oakland, CA)
CSEBComputer Science and Engineering Building (York University and University of Michigan)
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sakazakii testing protocols are covered: CSEB - Cronobacter sakazakii Enrichment Broth (ISO); HarlequinTM CSIM - Cronobacter sakazakii Isolation Medium (ISO); and HarlequinTM CSA-DFI - Cronobacter sakazakii Agar - DFI Formulation.
CSEB (ISO) is based on lauryl sulphate tryptose broth and is used for the secondary enrichment of C.