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CSECCommercial Sexual Exploitation of Children
CSECCommunications Security Establishment Canada (US National Security Agency equivalent in Canada)
CSECCaribbean Secondary Examination Certificate (Caribbean Examinations Council)
CSECChild Safety Education Coalition (Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents; UK)
CSECComputerized Self Evaluation Checklist
CSECClean and Safe Energy Coalition
CSECAlbert P. Crary Science and Engineering Center, McMurdo Station, Antarctica
CSECCombat Systems Executive Committee
CSECCommon Software Executive Council
CSECClinical Staff Executive Committee (University of Virginia; Charlottesville, VA)
CSECCommission on State Emergency Communications (Texas)
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This grouping was based on prior expectations, considering the CSEC split as a possible barrier to larval dispersal.
The CSEC will leverage Microsoft's DCU Cyber Threat Intelligence Program that monitors and analyze malware infections; provide malware threat assessment and provide actionable information and intelligence for select IP infrastructures shared by its customers on a non-commercial basis.
CSEC is not a military organization, and it has a relatively small percentage of uniformed personnel In its employ.
Confies a la societe chinoise CSEC, les travaux devront deboucher sur d'excellents resultats.
Kalogirou said that CSEC is supervising around 350 companies.
It remains unclear from the leaked data how CSEC was able to infiltrate so many wireless devices to see who was using them, both on Canadian territory and beyond.
But the only control over CSEC is an annual report, "woefully inadequate," undertaken by the CSEC Commissioner who reported this year that he could not judge whether CSEC may have undertaken some activities ".
because the annual reports of the CSEC Commissioner and the SIRC both suggested the Court had, by issuing the warrants, authorized such requests for foreign assistance.
Over the years, lawmakers have stockpiled much of the money earmarked for CSEC and used it as part of an accounting trick to make state budgets appear balanced.
Harkin noted that although CSEC plans have operated successfully for decades, they are poised to become subject to PPA, "which would threaten the ability of many nonprofit employers to continue to offer pension benefits.