CSEGCanadian Society of Exploration Geophysicists
CSEGCode Segment (assembly language directive)
CSEGCooperative Systems Engineering Group (Lancaster University; UK)
CSEGCentre for the Study of European Governance (University of Nottingham; UK)
CSEGComputer Science and Engineering Graduates (University of Michigan)
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Hence, CSPG and CSEG have historically drawn the majority of their members from the strong Calgary-based petroleum-related geoscience community.
Using the tongue-in-groove technique to improve nasal-tip stability, (3) the surgeon secures the entire CSEG between the medial crura by placing two 5-0 PDS sutures and three 4-0 chromic sutures through-and-through the nasal vestibular skin (figure 6).
He is a past president of the Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) and the Canadian Society of Exploration Geophysicists (CSEG), a past chairman of The Leading Edge Editorial Board and has received Honorary Membership from both the SEG and CSEG, as well as the SEG Cecil Green Enterprise Award jointly with Dan Hampson for their company s contribution to the industry.
Canadian earth scientists also optimize their activity through regional groups, such as the GAC Pacific Section, the GAC Cordilleran Section, the Calgary-based groups such as CSPG and CSEG, the GAC Edmonton Section, the Saskatchewan Geological Society, the GAC Winnipeg Section, the Sudbury and Toronto Geological Discussion Groups, an emerging Quebec geoscience society, the Atlantic Geoscience Society, and the GAC Newfoundland Section.