CSEHCentre for Sport Exercise Health (UK)
CSEHCenter for Space Environmental Health (NASA)
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The articles, which identified her, made certain unflattering allegations about CSEH programs and tenants.
But at the end of September, 1997, Meyer, who was still managing the property for CSEH, sent a letter to [Sterling] reminding her that she was late in her rent payments.
Indeed, ATA president Lane Kidd, in response to concern from one of the national groups, sent letters last week to all CSEH member organizations, assuring them that "you are not being represented as a sponsoring organization in this new initiative.
Citizens for Safe and Efficient Highways is run and funded by the Arkansas Trucking Association, Created in 1998 to fight a Highway Commission toll proposal, CSEH was almost entirely funded at that time by the American Trucking Associations, or which the Arkansas Trucking Association is a member.