CSEICoopersmith Self-Esteem Inventory
CSEIChina Special Equipment Inspection (and Research Center)
CSEICenter for the Study of Emerging Infections (Saint Louis University School of Public Health; St. Louis, MO)
CSEIConnection Strategies Enterprises, Inc. (Milwaukee, WI)
CSEICanadian Superior Energy, Inc.
CSEICorvettes of Southeast Idaho (Idaho Falls, ID)
CSEICentre Synergie Entreprise Industrielle (French: Synergy Enterprise Industrial Center)
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Results showed that with regard to the RSES and CSEI measures, the correlations between ISE and ESE were significantly different in the high and low individualism subgroups (RSES: [DELTA][chi square] = 8.
In addition, high ICI scores were positively correlated with higher scores on the CSEI.
The Cronbach's alpha for the 33 scaled items in the CASES, the 19 items on the CSEI, and the eight items on the Academic Motivation Scale was .
One related and particularly concerning result of this study involves the dimensionality and pattern of residuals obtained for the CUp-R sample, which received the randomized form of the CSEI.
Each participant was asked to complete a set of a pencil-and-paper inventories, which consisted of a demographics form, the BRIAS, the CMNI, the CSEI, the SCL-90-R, and two other measures (i.
The CSEI has several subscales for different aspects of self-concept, however, only the total score for the CSEI was used as a variable in this study.
By amassing resources and content related to niche interests, CSEI will provide easy access to a range of information that consumers have never had.
The CSEI and ATFCS were administered to the treatment and comparison groups at the beginning and end of the 16-week period that the treatment group participants attended the PREP program.
The dream that inspired Steve Sanford and I to create CollectingChannel has now become a reality," states Barry Friedman, co-founder and co-chairman of CSEI, who is now Sales OnLine Direct Chief of Strategy.
The validity and reliability study of the short form of CSEI composed of 25 items was performed in high-school students in 1992 by Aksoy and in 1997 by Piskin (21,22).
The CSEI has been reported to have internal reliability ratings of .