CSEICoopersmith Self-Esteem Inventory
CSEIChina Special Equipment Inspection (and Research Center)
CSEICenter for the Study of Emerging Infections (Saint Louis University School of Public Health; St. Louis, MO)
CSEIConnection Strategies Enterprises, Inc. (Milwaukee, WI)
CSEICanadian Superior Energy, Inc.
CSEICorvettes of Southeast Idaho (Idaho Falls, ID)
CSEICentre Synergie Entreprise Industrielle (French: Synergy Enterprise Industrial Center)
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There was no significant difference in BDI, LSAS and CSEI scores between male and female patients (p > 0.
The relationship of the presence of generalized tonic-clonic seizures with BDI, LSAS and CSEI scores were assessed and no statistically significant relationship was found (p > 0.
We did not find any significant relationsip between the variables in the patient group such as age, duration of the disease, frequency of seizures, and types of seizures and BDI, LSAS and CSEI scores (Table 5).
The major finding in our study was the statistically significant difference in the total BDI, LSAS and CSEI scores between the patients and the healthy controls.
In this study, we used CSEI and found a statistically significant difference between the patients and controls (p < 0.
CollectingChannel has pioneered 24-hour video netcasts for collectors," states Steve Sanford, co-founder and co-chairman of CSEI and now Sales OnLine Direct Chief Operating Officer.
CSEI and Discribe (keyword "Clans") on America Online (NYSE:AOL) are converged Internet content providers and producers of affinity portals, including the CollectingChannel.
Having worked with Sales OnLine Direct for several years now, I am ecstatic to become part of such a winning team," says Barry Friedman, co-founder and co-chairman of CSEI, who assumes the post of Chief of Strategy.
CollectingChannel also brings a significant broadcast capability to Sales OnLine Direct," notes Steve Sanford, CSEI co-founder and co-chairman, who will now serve as the Company's Chief Operating Officer.
The unregistered shares will be held in escrow for the purposes of complying with the Rule 144 holding period and securing certain indemnity obligations made by CSEI in the acquisition documents.
CSEI employs a number of industry experts and a professional writing staff to provide consumers with "one-stop" access to a comprehensive range of information in one, easy-to-use site.
Although all eight tabs have now been released, CSEI plans to continually improve the CollectingChannel.