CSELCable Select (IDE hard drive jumper setting)
CSELClock Select
CSELCable Select
CSELCorpus Scriptorum Ecclesiasticorum Latinorum (Corpus of the Latin Church Fathers)
CSELCombat Survivor Evader Locator
CSELControl Systems Engineering Laboratory (Arizona State University)
CSELCircuit Switch Select Line (US DoD)
CSELCommand Senior Enlisted Leader
CSELConsolidated Support Equipment List
CSELCourse Select (aviation)
CSELCommunication System Evaluation Laboratory
CSELCombat System Equipment List
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Boeing describes CSEL as the first military search and rescue system to provide multi-satellite, over-the-horizon communications and a military grade GPS in a small, light and rugged handheld radio.
Weber), De Genesi contra Manichaeos libri duo, CSEL 91 (Vienna, 1998), 2.
The first version of Keystone took shape in April 2004, when enlisted leaders participated in the two-day CSEL Capstone JOM at USJFCOM's JWFC.
CSEL is a joint program between the Air Force, Navy and Army, which is supposed to provide a reliable 24-hour two-way, near-real-time secure messaging and voice communications system, used for rescuing downed aircrew members.
9, CSEL 89): "Hic esto, quantum potes, et vigilantissime attende," reiterating imperiously, "Hic esto
While the PRMS represents a giant step toward improving rescue-center performance, the CSEL is hailed as a quantum leap toward resolving PR's primary deficiency: locating the personnel requiring rescue.
Haussleiter, Victorini episcopi Petavionensis opera, CSEL 49 (Vienna/Leipzig, 1916), p.
De peccatorum meritis et remissione et de baptismo paruulorum, 1, 32,61: CSEL 60,62.
The CSEL uses one BA-5301A/U, non-rechargeable lithium manganese dioxide battery, NSN 6135-01-568-3234; or one, rechargeable lithium ion battery, BB-2001A/U, NSN 6140-01-534-3856.
Concerning interpretation of the request made in the Lord's Prayer, "lead us not into temptation," Benedict refers to the interpretation of Saint Cyprian: "so that our fear, our devotion and our worship may be directed to God--because the Evil One is not permitted to do anything unless he is given authorization" (De dominica oratione, 25; CSEL III, 25, p.
5, 3: CSEL 54, 65: si quis tres hypostases ut tria [GREEK TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], hoc est tres subsistentes personas, non confitetur, anathema sit.
Schenkl's edition (Poetae Christiani Minores, CSEL 16, (Prague, Vienna, Leipzig, 1888), pp.