CSELTCentro Studi e Laboratori Telecomunicazioni (Turin, Italy)
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With nine global telecommunications carriers, including CSELT, GTS and Telenor present as observers, participants Alcatel, Equipe Communications, Redback Networks, Sycamore Networks, and Tenor Networks demonstrated successful multi-vendor implementation of ODSI's standards-based protocol specification between various IP and optical devices.
CSELT is providing an Interleaver/Deinterleaver core used in channel coding, a Forward Inverse DCT (Discrete Cosine Transform) core used in image processing, an Internet Protocol CAM (Content Addressable Memory) core and network data parser cores used in networking router applications.
Agilent acquired the Optical Technology Center (OTC) from Telecom Italia's central research laboratory, CSELT.
NYSE: A) today announced the signing of an agreement to acquire the Optical Technology Center (OTC) from Telecom Italia's central research laboratory, CSELT.
Agilent plans to keep the research center in its current modern facilities in Turin, Italy, which it will lease from CSELT.
Agilent also intends to establish a collaboration agreement with CSELT and Telecom Italia.
The agreement acknowledges the high level of competence reached by the OTC research group over the years," said Cesare Mossotto, general manager of CSELT.
CSELT was advised by Deutsche Bank in this transaction.
This solution is a result of the strategic partnership with Oberthur Card Systems and Schlumberger, two of the major smart card suppliers and with CSELT (Telecom Italia Research Center).
CSELT, Cygnus Solutions, Denali, Ericsson, Frequency Technology, Inc.
In alphabetical order, they are: Canon, Compaq, CSELT, CWI/Oratrix, France Telecom, Gateway, GLOCOM, INRIA, Intel, Macromedia, Microsoft, NIST, Panasonic, Philips and RealNetworks.
Europe & Middle East (18): BT, Case Technology, Consulintel, Deutsche Telekom, CSELT, DFN, Ericsson, Eurocontrol, Gigabell, IABG, Intracom, Netmedia, Nokia, Siemens, Teldat, Telebit Communications, Telia Networks Services, Thomson-CSF Detexis.