CSEPPChemical Stockpile Emergency Preparedness Program (FEMA)
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Nikol is the CMA public affairs officer supporting RCMD, CSEPP, and the stockpile sites.
CSEPP (1992) Responsible Science: Ensuring the Integrity of the Research Process.
CSEPP (2009) On Being a Scientist: A Guide to Responsible Conduct in Research.
However, CSEPP costs continue to rise because some states have expanded their preparedness requests beyond their approved budgets.
(73) For more information, see FEMA's CSEPP web site: [http://www.fema.gov/pte/csepp1.htm], visited December 13, 2001.
We were in Pueblo, Colorado, for CSEPP training designed to educate and prepare medical support providers, nurses, physicians, and other primary responders who might be called on in the event of an accidental chemical agent release from a stockpile site.
"The largest benefit of the training is that it brings all the agencies together to train and learn what each agency does and what roles they play in a disaster," says James Cody, CSEPP medical coordinator/trainer for the Pueblo City-County Health Department.
"The CSEPP exercise is a great opportunity to test our response capabilities," said Lieutenant Colonel Scott D.
Chemical Accident-Incident Response Assistance (CAIRA) exercises and CSEPP exercises are conducted on a regular basis.
"State and local governments are key players in preparing for and responding to a possible chemical stockpile accident," says Randy Cooper, CSEPP Program Manager.
The depot also participates in an annual community-wide exercise supporting the CSEPP. These externally evaluated events are similar to a tactical external evaluation and include using simulated weapons, moulage kits, helicopter medical evacuation, and a commander's press conference at the community joint-information center using real and mock reporters.
Despite these gains, CSEPP costs are rising because some states have expanded their preparedness requests beyond the approved budgets.