CSEPSColorado Society of Eye Physicians and Surgeons
CSEPSCentre for the Study of European Politics and Society (Ben-Gurion University; Israel)
CSEPSCertified Social Engineering Prevention Specialist
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The Spearman's rank correlation coefficients for the ranked currentyear book value of common stockholder's equity per share (CSEPS) and ranked year-ahead price ranged from a low of -.120 to a high of .895 and were significant for 29 of the 30 SIC codes (Table 3).
The current-year size specifications that considered debt levels [book value of common stockholder's equity per share (CSEPS), net tangible assets per share NTGA)] were also further tested.
The ranked current-year size variables that considered debt (CSEPS, NTGA) were found to be significant and directly associated with ranked year-ahead price.
Sharon Pardo, Chairperson of the Department of Politics and Government and a Senior Researcher at the CSEPS.