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CSESC-Bit Severely Errored Seconds
CSESCore Self-Evaluations Scale (psychology)
CSESConsecutive Severely Errored Seconds
CSESComputer Science & Engineering Society
CSESCampus Safety Escort Service
CSESCombat Systems Electronics Space
CSESComment Statement in Execution Stream (software fault)
CSESCarderock Springs Elementary School (Bethesda,MD)
CSESCentre for Sustainable Environmental Sanitation (University of Science and Technology Beijing; China)
CSESCenter for the Study of Earth from Space
CSESCentre Spécialisé d'Enseignement Secondaire (French: Specialized Center of Secondary Education)
CSESCenter for Science in the Earth System
CSESConseil Supérieur de l'Enseignement Spécialisé (French: Higher Council for Special Education; Belgium)