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CSESComparative Study of Electoral Systems (Ann Harbor, MI)
CSESCenter for Science in the Earth System
CSESCenter for the Study of Earth from Space
CSESCrop and Soil Environmental Sciences (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University)
CSESConseil Supérieur de l'Enseignement Spécialisé (French: Higher Council for Special Education; Belgium)
CSESCentre Spécialisé d'Enseignement Secondaire (French: Specialized Center of Secondary Education)
CSESColumn Supported Embankment System (New Jersey)
CSESC-Bit Severely Errored Seconds
CSESCore Self-Evaluations Scale (psychology)
CSESConsecutive Severely Errored Seconds
CSESComputer Science & Engineering Society
CSESCampus Safety Escort Service
CSESCombat Systems Electronics Space
CSESComment Statement in Execution Stream (software fault)
CSESCarderock Springs Elementary School (Bethesda,MD)
CSESCentre for Sustainable Environmental Sanitation (University of Science and Technology Beijing; China)
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We argued that when the CSEs of team members is a good fit, this promotes the emergence of individual voice behavior, which, by its prevalence, will establish an atmosphere that encourages team members to perform voicing and be proactive for the team's benefit.
Factorial validity is essential for developing a scale such as the CSES. If a measure can be used to assess a construct in a reliable and valid manner, the factor structure should match theoretical predictions (Schwab, 1980).
In a third avenue of analysis, I investigated the relationship between the total scale scores and individual item scores of the SES and CSES. As can be seen in Table 5, SES total scores had a significant negative correlation with all individual item scores of the CSES, except Item 1 (see Appendix 2).
Different working groups at the end suggested measures to develop a comprehensive policy for CSEs sector.
There were also fears that schools - apparently required to put the "bottom 25% of pupils" into CSEs - would wrongly judge them as unable to take O-levels at the age of 14.
Different dosages of CSEs were added to water samples with different turbidities to produce a final volume of 1 ml in a semi-micro plastic cuvette (10x4x45 mm, Sarsted Aktiengesellschaft & Co.
Pilotlight Cymru's aim is to encourage business people in Wales to use their skills and experience to help small and medium sized CSEs thrive.
CSEs enable consumers to compare pricing, fulfillment and other data about a specific product sold by multiple e-merchants.
CSE's multimedia development team worked closely with city council members, citizens and city staffers to streamline navigation and content, all with the goal of giving users a better experience.