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CSF2Comprehensive Soldier and Family Fitness (est. 2008)
CSF2Colony-Stimulating Factor 2
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The HES-5 was extensively analyzed in the larger CSF2 GAT 2.0 sample, (29) and has adequate internal consistency (Cronbach a in present sample=0.74).
It seems (Service and nonservice components of GDP were not found to be statistically significant) that CSF2 has a positive effect on growth and convergence at both NUTS II and III regions and is statistically significant.
[5] Human genes: IL2, interleukin 2; INFG, interferon, gamma; CSF2, colony stimulating factor 2 (granulocyte-macrophage).
Moreover and in response to plasma-mediated oxidative stress, HaCaT keratinocytes contained significantly increased levels of several growth factor transcripts (e.g., CSF2, GAS1, FGF6, and IGFs).
(2011) suggest that granulocyte-monocyte-macrophage colony stimulating factor (CSF2), secreted by uterine endometrium of sheep, enhanced secretion of IFNT by ovine and bovine conceptuses.
2, C and D), giving a recombinant sPLA2 signal-to-concentration linearity over the range 0.25-1.5 [micro]mol/L ([r.sup.2] = 0.999, P < 0.001) and a linear signal-to-CSF volume relationship over the range 2.5-10 [micro]L for 2 different CSF samples (CSF1: [r.sup.2] = 0.997, P = 0.001; CSF2: [r.sup.2] = 0.992, P = 0.004) tested.
Increased cytokine release was concordant with gene up-regulation for C-C chemokine ligand 3 (CCL3), colony-stimulating factor 2 (CSF2), C-X-C chemokine ligand 10 (CXCL10), IL-1[beta], IL-8, and TNF-[alpha].
Oct-1 plays a major role in controlling housekeeping genes and tissue-specific genes, including genes encoding several other cytokines: TNF-[tumor necrosis factor (TNF superfamily, member 2)] (32), IL2 (interleukin 2) (33), IL3 [interleukin 3 (colony-stimulating factor, multiple)], IL5 [interleukin 5 (colony-stimulating factor, eosinophil)], CSF2 [colony stimulating factor 2 (granulocyte-macrophage)] (34), and IL8 (interleukin 8) (35).
Polymorphisms detected in the PTH, CSF2 and FOLR genes were chosen to genotype a Berkshire-Yorkshire pig breed reference family for linkage and association analyses.