CSF2RAColony Stimulating Factor 2 Receptor, Alpha
CSF2RAColony-Stimulating Factor Receptor Alpha Subunit (genes)
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Ogi et al., "Adult onset hereditary pulmonary alveolar proteinosis caused by CSF2RA deletion," in Proceedings of the American Thoracic Society International Conference A42 Pathogenesis of Interstitial Lung Disease, San Diego, Calif, USA, May 2014.
Similarly, the expression of 18 cytokine genes (IL-7, IL-10, TNFAIP8, SPP2, TNFAIP3, IFNB, CCL19, TNFAIP8L1, IL-16, CNTF, CXCL13, TNFAIP8L3, TNFSF13B, IL-34, TGFB1, TNFAIP2, CCL3, and ADIPOQ) and 39 cytokine receptor genes (CXCR7, CSF2RA, IL-1RL1, I-L1R2, IL-17RA, IFNAR1, IL-18RAP, IL-31RA, IL-9R, IL-18R1, IL-20RB, IL-21R, IL-2RG, IL-20RA, IL-4I1, LILRB1, TLR1, IL-17REL, LILRB5, TGFBR1, TLR6, TNFRSF13B, XCR1, TLR7, TNFRSF13C, TLR15 etc.) was also markedly upregulated by 2.03- to 8.41-fold and 2.08- to 9.12-fold, respectively, in chicken line 7.2 with p < 0.01 and fold [greater than or equal to] 2 (Supplementary Table S4, Figures 4 and 5).