CSF3RColony-Stimulating Factor 3 Receptor, Granulocyte
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Oncogenic CSF3R mutations in chronic neutrophilic leukemia and atypical CML.
The CSF3R T618I mutation causes a lethal neutrophilic neoplasia in mice that is responsive to therapeutic JAK inhibition.
CSF3R mutations have a high degree of overlap with CEBPA mutations in pediatric AML.
2, while the other 7 genes (CCL3, IL-34, LILRB1, LILRB4, CCL4, CSF3R, and IL-1R2) showed significantly higher expression in chicken line 7.
68 Receptor, Beta CSF3R Colony Stimulating Factor 3 10.
Cooperativity of RUNX1 and CSF3R mutations in severe congenital neutropenia: a unique pathway in myeloid leukemogenesis.
Of the 27 patients in the study, 16, or about 59 percent, had the CSF3R mutation.