CSFLCentral States Football League
CSFLCompetitive Sport Fishing League (Canada)
CSFLCanadian Senior Football League (minor league adult football; Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada)
CSFLCanadian Sport Fishing League
CSFLCommon Systems Function List
CSFLCamden Sunday Football League (est. 1954; UK)
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Surgeons' experience and techniques may also be responsible for the difference in the incidences of CSFL across different surgical approaches.
sup][7] reported that three or more levels of thoracic decompression showed a higher risk of CSFL (odds ratio = 2.
Although previous studies have found that CSFL has only a trivial impact on the mid- and long-term neurological recovery,[sup][3],[4],[15],[17],[28],[29],[33],[34],[35],[36] researchers have collected increasing evidence for its association with a higher risk of transient neurological deterioration and new emerging paresthesia, such as numbness and stinging sensation along the chest wall.
sup][2],[11],[17],[37] The opening of the dural sac provides a potential pathway for exterior pathogenic organisms to invade the central nervous system, which might cause meningitis, arachnitis, or abscess formation *Formation of pseudomeningocele and fistula: with no effective treatment, CSFL persists and evolves into some more aggressive complications.
The treatment algorithm for CSFL includes intra- and post-operative stages.
In total, primary repairs have a modest efficacy, leaving 10–70% CSFL cases unresolved, according to different publications.
Both conservative and operative modalities are utilized to treat CSFL during the postoperative period.
sup][7] reported that conservative treatments, namely compression dressing and bed rest, had a remarkable effect for the CSFL following thoracic decompression.
sup][2],[11] After 4–5 days of drainage, CSFL resolves in about 83–100% of cases.
Besides, percutaneous, ultrasound-, or computed tomography-guided placement of blood and fat patches with or without fibrin glue have been shown effective for some CSFL cases.
CSFL is much more common after thoracic decompression than after cervical and lumbar surgeries.