CSFMCalifornia State Fire Marshal (Sacremento, CA)
CSFMCentre for the Study of Forced Migration (est. 1995; University of Dar es Salaam; Tanzania)
CSFMCollins Stewart Fund Management (UK; finance)
CSFMCommercial Spent Fuel Management
CSFMCombined Support Functions Module
CSFMCertificate of Sustainable Forest Management (timber trade)
CSFMConseil Supérieur de la Fonction Militaire (French: Supreme Council of Military Service)
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Also, liquidity as determined by the CSFM (of which the PCFS is a key component) objectively and succinctly calculates the organization's financial strength and identifies the drivers of change in this critical measurement.
As was the case with the bivariate relationships with FZL, CSLF was not a significant predictor of either CSFM or CSSM (Fig.
Few details of the deal were available last night but Rubery-based CSFM trades as We Are Cleaning and has more than 5,000 staff nationally.
They offer 12- or 24-VDC operation and are UL and CSFM approved.
Job Title: Group sales director for Birmingham based CSFM (holdings) plc.
First In Catering, based at Rubery, came out of a belief by Peter Richardson, chief executive of CSFM Holdings, that We Are Cleaning could benefit with added value operations.
The unit is wall mountable, available in red or white, and UL Listed and CSFM approved.
with a presentation and discussion led by CSFM co-founder Todd Underhill about the definition of local food and organic food and what to look for as a consumer.
The old saying 'where there's muck there's money' is a truism as far as the managed services group CSFM (Holdings) is concerned.
CSFM is pleased to announce that our consultant, Tommy Vu, plans to feature Cash 4 Homes 247 and Vu Buy Properties Inc.
The chart explains that all products have fewer than 100 parts-per-million of the harmful element and specifies which products are also 6P certified, 7P compliant, 2 second Flame Out, CSFM Title 19, NFPA- 701, ASTM E-84 Class A, and DuraGUARD.
5 million were won last month by Birmingham cleaning and managed facilities company CSFM Group.