CSFPCommodity Supplemental Food Program
CSFPConseil Supérieur de la Fonction Publique (French: Higher Council of Civil Service)
CSFPCommonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan (UK)
CSFPCredit Suisse Financial Products
CSFPChartered Senior Financial Planner
CSFPCompact Small Form-Factor Pluggable Transceiver (optical telecommunications)
CSFPCoded Superframe Phase (wireless communication)
CSFPCommon and Foreign Security Policy (of the European Union)
CSFPCall Setup Failure Probability
CSFPConsolidated Statement of Financial Position
CSFPChef de Section Formation Professionnelle (French: Section Head of Vocational Training)
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Subgroup analyses indicated significant differences by sex, age, rural versus urban location of the site and substantial disparities by the CSFP participation.
Seventy eight of them had CSFP and their demographic and laboratory findings were compared with 61 patients with normal coronary flow.
CSFP will pioneer the use of securitization for charter schools by accumulating tax-exempt debt and selling securities backed by the debt into the capital markets, allowing for $150 million in private sector capital to be leveraged for charter school facilities financing.
The CSFP operates on the principle that local betterment programs are more likely to be embraced and implemented in the community concerned if the community has a sense of ownership.
USDA, which administers the CSFP program, proposes moving recipients to food stamps starting in the fiscal year that begins October 1.
0 ATA have negative effects on CBF, EEG, CSFP, and aerobic metabolism.
Our CSFP team holds group discussions on a regular basis, which are aimed at sounding-out the underlying factors related to the tree and land tenure relationships, especially with women groups, whom customarily are not entitled to own communal land.
Prosecutors had demanded CSFP be fined 50 million yen and Yamada be given four months in prison.
They said the Tokyo branch of CSFP, a member of Swiss-based Credit Suisse Group AG, bought about 100 billion yen worth of LTCB's shareholdings in June and July 1997.
CSFP is one of five investment funds managed by Commerce Street Investment Advisor, LLC, a registered investment advisor led by banking industry veterans.
All farm bill domestic nutrition assistance programs, except for the CSFP and the administrative/distribution-cost component of TEFAP, are treated as mandatory entitlements for budget purposes.