CSFRColony Stimulating Factor Receptor
CSFRCivitas Studiosorum in Fundamento Reformato (Netherlands)
CSFRCommittee on Scientific Freedom and Responsibility (AAAS)
CSFRCzech & Slovak Federal Republic
CSFRContract Funds Status Report
CSFRCustomer Support Field Representative(s)
CSFRColegio Santa Francisca Romana (Colombian school)
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Rozdeleni CSFR po patnacti letech [Split of Czechoslovakia after 15 Years].
Further, the company expects CSFR OP to use the contributed proceeds to invest in more single-family homes while any additional proceeds will be used by the company to acquire assets as per its investment strategies and guidelines, for working capital and general corporate purposes.
1993), Potential Benefits from Europe Agreements for Exporters of Industrial Goods from the CSFR, Hungary and Poland to the European Community, Discussion Paper No.
Data for each country are taken from three firm level surveys conducted by World Bank researchers in Poland (May 1991), in Hungary (September 1991) and in the CSFR (January 1992).
Section two provides an overview of trade between the United States and the CSFR, Hungary, and Poland.
TABLE 3 Actual and Simulated Levels of Employment in the Czechoslovak Machine-Building Sector Year Actual Simulated 1989 100 100 1990 96 95 1991 84 70 1992 69(*) 43 * January-August Source: CSFR Statistical Office, Staticke Prehledy, and authors' simulation.
The correlations between value-added and the ratio of world to domestic prices are generally much poorer, except for the CSFR, so that it is not sufficient to concentrate on industries whose domestic prices are either well above or well below the equivalent world prices.
In the former CSFR, Tchibo has been operating for the past two years.
Poland, Hungary, and the CSFR have declared their intentions to move their economic systems toward private control of resources, but have also been implementing policies that continue a significant degrees of government control over sugar prices, Lord says.
Hungary and the CSFR, taking advantage of their geographical position, have imposed steep rises in transit taxes making Greek exports even more costly than before.
East Germany has to privatize 8000, Poland about 7000 firms, the CSFR 4800 and Hungary about 2500 to wipe out the 80-90 percent stake of the state in industry.
Czechoslovakia): Conflicts of interest between brown coal mining and environmental protection in the CSFR.