CSFVClassical Swine Fever Virus
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However, we obtained an amplicon of appropriate length from CT-piglet serum samples by using a novel panpestivirus RT-PCR (PPF 5'-GTKATHCAATACCCTGARGC-3' and PPR 5'-GGRTTCCAGGARTACATCA-3'), which enables detection of CSFV, BVDV-1, BVDV-2, BDV, BV, and APPV.
The identification of the cross-reacting E2-specific monoclonal antibody 6A5 indicates that a cross-reactivity to related pestiviral proteins exists, which might interfere with the serologic testing for CSFV.
Percentage identities were similar between the HoBi-like strain from Italy and BDV and CSFV reference isolates.