CSGCColorado Space Grant Consortium (University of Colorado at Boulder)
CSGCCenter for the Study of Global Christianity
CSGCCenter for the Study of Globalization and Cultures (University of Hong Kong)
CSGCConcrete Slab & Girder Continuous (civil engineering)
CSGCCalifornia Space Grant Consortium (US NASA; also seen as CaSGC)
CSGCCornwall School Governors' Council (UK)
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The simulations of QBFO based spectrum allocation have been conducted as compared to a very popular spectrum allocation algorithm known as CSGC and QGA, with respect to the following performance measures: solution quality and convergence speed.
The general CR spectrum allocation model in [30] called graph coloring model assumes that the environmental conditions are static during the time it takes to perform spectrum assignment, and CSGC is used to solve the allocation problem.
In order to evaluate the performance of the proposed QBFO-based spectrum allocation scheme, we compare it with CSGC and QGA in our simulations.