CSGEConformation-Sensitive Gel Electrophoresis
CSGECleaner, Safer, Greener Element (UK)
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The CSGE on the other hand disputes the employment figures given out by the government and had tried unsuccessfully since 2005 to obtain actual figures under the Right to Information Act.
The CSGE had followed up memoranda to finance minister (September 2005) and chief minister (December 2006) with agitations in front of district magistrates' offices and a few central rallies in Kolkata during 2007 and 2008.
We tested the ability of this method to detect 57 DNA changes, 11 insertions/ deletions and 46 single-nucleotide substitutions (SNS; 25 in BRCA1 and 32 in BRCA2), previously detected by standard CSGE.
HA by manual CSGE was performed according to previously reported protocols (8).
We had previously identified 87 different DNA changes by CSGE (data not shown).
Moreover, peak shifts corresponding to two additional single-nucleotide changes, which we had not detected previously by CSGE, were also visualized when we tested multiplex groups of one patient carrying IVS20 + 1G>A (group 1A in Table 3 of the online Data Supplement) and one control sample (group 2J in Table 4 of the online Data Supplement).
In fact, band shifts corresponding to these two "new" mutations were also observed in standard CSGE after we increased the electrophoresis run time.
Other than the purchase price of a DNA sequencer and the costs related to the common procedures for both techniques, the total costs per sample for BRCA1 and BRCA2 analysis by capillary HA are similar to those of CSGE (in fact, 6[euro], or US $6.
To exclude the HPAFP trait in those patients with high AFP, we propose the application of CSGE to rapidly and efficiently detect the heterozygous G [right arrow] A substitution in the AFP gene.