CSHCNChildren with Special Health Care Needs Program (various locations)
CSHCNCenter for Satellite and Hybrid Communication Networks
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To be included in the sample, households had to have at least one child with a special health care need (SHCN), as defined by the CSHCN Screener (CAHMI 2009a).
Although FCC is widely acknowledged as the gold standard in care for CSHCN and their families (for a review, see Dunst et al.
This definition clears the way for consistent service provision through the various government departments and agencies that serve CSHCN.
links CSHCN and their families to services and resources in a coordinated effort to maximize the potential of the children and provide them with optimal health care" (Ziring et al.
5-7) The vast majority of surveys and reports on the benefits and risks of bed sharing have involved only "normalized" children, not CSHCN.
Families with an ADHD child are more than three times as likely as CSHCN families and almost six times as likely as families with healthy children to say that in the past month they sometimes, usually, or always felt that their child is harder to care for the most children of his or her age.
Although the individual state-based Medicaid and Title V CSHCN programs have their legislative basis in the federal Social Security Act, they demonstrate much variability at the state level in how policies are implemented and programs are designed.
and (2) Do CSHCN have better access to care while enrolled in SCHIP than the uninsured CSHCN or the privately insured CSHCN?
Another major barrier for the family is the financial and personal demands when caring for a CSHCN.
The creation of SCHIP under Title XXI, through passage of the Balanced Budget Act of 1997, was viewed as a significant opportunity to provide public insurance coverage to many low income uninsured CSHCN (Newacheck et al.
They develop a new method of risk adjusting CSHCN patients using CSHCN screener survey instrument data from the medical expenditure panel survey administered by AHRQ.