CSHECenter for the Study of Higher Education
CSHEComprehensive School Health Education
CSHECalifornia Society for Healthcare Engineering (Sacramento, CA)
CSHECarnegie School of Home Economics
CSHECenter for the Study of Hate and Extremism
CSHEComplex Swift-Hohenberg Equation
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The changing undergraduate experience in Australian universities, Melbourne: CSHE.
Through access to, CSHE and CSHP children enjoy greater opportunities to develop and practice skills to advocate for personal, family, and community health.
over five years) of the preservice respondents as they transition into inservice teaching, to assess how extensively CSHE content is taught.
By asking open-ended questions, CSHE interviewers elicited information about what these students considered important (rather than what we considered important) about their team project experiences.
Produce, distribute, and provide technical assistance to states and in new CSHE and PE standards (2).
Douglass, "Decoding Learning Gains: Measuring Outcomes and the Pivotal Role of the Major and Student Backgrounds", CSHE.
A version of this paper was presented at the SERU (Student Experience in the Research University) Project Symposium, Assessing the Undergraduate Experience in the Postmodern University, April 25, 2007, Berkeley, CA and appears as Research & Occasional Paper Series: CSHE.
However, if schools do not provide a CSHE program child sexual abuse prevention programs still are warranted.
Mellon Foundation--funded Future of Scholarly Communication project at CSHE.
Eight reporters indicated they had written articles on CSHE in the past year, with six of the eight writing six or fewer articles.
Judson King and John Aubrey Douglass); (2) Higher Education Politics and Policymaking, Then and Now--A Discussion with Past CSHE Directors and Alumni (Chaired by C.
2] While implementation of CSHE is influenced by numerous individual, organizational, and political factors, lack of teacher training constitutes a major obstacle to effective implementation.