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CSHLCentral States Hockey League
CSHLCleveland Suburban Hockey League
CSHLCarolina Scholastic Hockey League (Canes Youth & Amateur Hockey Alliance)
CSHLContinental Senior Hockey League (California)
CSHLCarillon Senior Hockey League (Manitoba, Canada)
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But when the plant hormone is high, we have a reduced number of fertile flowers, ending up in a reduced number of seeds," said Yinping Jiao of CSHL's Ware lab, co-first lead author on the new paper, according to the CSHL press release of the CSHL.
CSHL is in the quiet phase of the $250-million campaign, about $100 million of which will fund a new cancer therapeutics initiative to build new facilities and hire scientists to focus on the development of cancer-fighting drugs.
FRS, Director of Shared Resources for the CSHL Cancer Center.
Orion's MethylScope technology, exclusively licensed from CSHL, is the only platform capable of detecting inappropriate DNA methylation for all human genes on a single array, providing an efficient and comprehensive biomarker discovery tool.
Such work can now be carried out by DuPont-Pioneer, a seed company that helps support and shares in the fruits of leading-edge plant research at CSHL in order to discover and develop new varieties to meet the world's growing food needs.
A multi-institution team led by CSHL Professor Nicholas Tonks reported that it has found a means of inhibiting another protein, called PTP1B, whose expression is also upregulated in HER2-positive breast cancer.
Irach Taraporewala, Ohr's CEO, commented that the JV is the best way of creating shareholder value from PTP1B, the primary target for trodusquemine, which was discovered by Nicholas Tonks at CSHL.
We are describing a marker called Cdld," said CSHL research investigator Camila Dos Santos, Ph.
However, new research from CSHL Assistant Professor Zach Lippman, Ph.
Emily Hodges, working in the laboratory of CSHL Prof.
In 2004, a team led by Hannon and Leemor Joshua-Tor, another CSHL Professor discovered that Ago2 functions as a slicer enzyme that chops up its targets - messenger RNAs encoded by genes - by using small RNA molecules (for example, microRNAs) as guides to home in on the correct messenger RNAs.
We must leverage all the science and technology tools available, including this important collaboration with CSHL.