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CSHLCentral States Hockey League
CSHLCleveland Suburban Hockey League
CSHLCarolina Scholastic Hockey League (Canes Youth & Amateur Hockey Alliance)
CSHLContinental Senior Hockey League (California)
CSHLCarillon Senior Hockey League (Manitoba, Canada)
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Scott Lyons, Research Assistant Professor at CSHL stated: "Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory is pursuing new ways to treat cancer and imaging technology helps our researchers visualize the effects of new cancer therapies dynamically over time.
CSHL is in the quiet phase of the $250-million campaign, about $100 million of which will fund a new cancer therapeutics initiative to build new facilities and hire scientists to focus on the development of cancer-fighting drugs.
FRS, Director of Shared Resources for the CSHL Cancer Center.
Orion's MethylScope technology, exclusively licensed from CSHL, is the only platform capable of detecting inappropriate DNA methylation for all human genes on a single array, providing an efficient and comprehensive biomarker discovery tool.
Such work can now be carried out by DuPont-Pioneer, a seed company that helps support and shares in the fruits of leading-edge plant research at CSHL in order to discover and develop new varieties to meet the world's growing food needs.
Using the tomato plant as their model, Lippman and CSHL co-authors, Cora MacAlister, Soon Ju Park and Ke Jiang, show that loss of control of the timing of flowering, such that the flowering program turns on too fast, results in production of only a single flower on each branch, rather than the usual 7 to 10.
CSHL's successful partnership with DuPont Pioneer has fostered strong collaboration between a uniquely aligned group of research and industry scientists," said CSHL President Bruce Stillman.
The study by CSHL researchers has revealed one genetic mechanism for hybrid vigor, a property of plant breeding that has been exploited to boost yield since the early 20th century.
14 Jan 12, 2012: CSHL Team Introduces Automated Imaging To Greatly Speed Whole-Brain Mapping Efforts 18113.
Two of the 30 papers published by Gingeras and other ENCODE colleagues, including CSHL Professor and HHMI Investigator Gregory Hannon, Ph.
The research led by CSHL Assistant Professor Chris Vakoc, centers on the way a cancer-promoting gene is controlled.
The team, led by CSHL Assistant Professor Michael Schatz and Adam Phillippy and Sergey Koren of the National Biodefense Analysis and Countermeasures Center and the University of Maryland, has developed a software package that corrects a serious problem inherent in the newest sequencing technology: the fact that every fifth or sixth DNA "letter" it generates is incorrect.