CSHOCompliance Safety and Health Officer (OSHA)
CSHOCenter for Sustainable Health Outreach (University of Southern Mississippi)
CSHOCertified Safety and Health Official
CSHOCanadian School of Hockey Officiating (Ontario, Canada)
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After checking credentials, be forthcoming with the CSHO and allow him or her access to any part of the facility.
You always want to accompany the CSHO to keep him focused on why he's there," Kohloff said.
Immediately afterward, the CSHO will meet with someone from the facility to discuss what he or she saw, which situations are unsafe and how to correct them.
Other violations that could incur penalties include falsifying records, violating posting requirements, and assaulting a compliance officer through resisting, opposing, intimidating or interfering with a CSHO in the performance of the inspection.
During this conference you can tell the CSHO how you've corrected the violation and show photos, if possible.
Charlotte Pipe is currently working with OSHA through a voluntary compliance program that could lead to CSHO inspections in the future.
The CSHO will also thoroughly review employee training, which was the number one general industry standard cited in 1991.
The information contained in these records plays an important role in determining how a CSHO will use his/her time during the foundry's inspection.
After the CSHO reviews documents and records, a physical inspection of the plant takes place.
Before the walk-through inspection, the CSHO most likely will inquire about the foundry's response to emergency releases.
If the foundry doesn't have such a plan, the CSHO probably will check the response equipment during the walk-through.
The guidance also directs CSHOs to apply the same case-by-case analysis for a distributor's reasonable diligence and good faith efforts, and requires distributors to document their communication with product manufacturers or importers regarding the circumstances for non-HCS 2012-compliant products.