CSHOCompliance Safety and Health Officer (OSHA)
CSHOCenter for Sustainable Health Outreach (University of Southern Mississippi)
CSHOCertified Safety and Health Official
CSHOCanadian School of Hockey Officiating (Ontario, Canada)
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(5) The following section of the FOM addresses what an OSHA inspector should do where there is "No Certified or Recognized Bargaining Agent": Where employees are not represented by an authorized representative, there is no established safety committee, or employees have not chosen or agreed to an employee representative for OSHA inspection purposes (regardless of the existence of a safety committee), CSHOs shall determine if other employees would suitably represent the interests of employees on the walkaround.
(8.) Market Value of Firm ([V.sub.t]) = Assets ([A.sub.t]) Book Equity ([BE.sub.t]) + Market Equity ([ME.sub.t]); where [ME.sub.t] = Stock Price (COMPUSTAT mnemonic PRCC_F) * Shares Outstanding (COMPUSTAT mnemonic CSHO).
But one bad CSHO visit, or worse, one disabling or fatal accident, can throw a wrench into production that is costlier than the time and effort needed to enact a safety plan.
If a complaint is received, which meets certain conditions related to lower-priority hazards, the CSHO may elect to conduct an off-site investigation (also known as a phone/fax investigation).
of Obs 49,279 Where *, FCF= Free Cash Flow=Operating Cash Flow minus Capital Expenditures (OANCF-CAPX) FAR= Fixed Asset Ratio=Plant, Property & Equip/Noncash Total Assets ((PPENT/(AT-CH CAPX= Capital Expenditures (CAPX) OCF= Operating Cash Flow=Operating Activities Net Cash Flow (OANCF) NI=Net Income after extraordinary items and discontinued operations (NI) R= Raw annual percentage returns ROE=Return on equity, NI (NI) divided by Book Value of Equity (CEQ) LTD=Long term debt (DLTT) TOTASS=Total assets (AT) PPE=Plant, Property and Equipment (PPENT) TOTSALE=Total sales (SALE) MVE=Market value of equity= price times common shares outstanding (PRCC x CSHO) BVE=Book value of equity (CEQ) * Compustat item description in parentheses.
[MV.sub.i] = Firm i's market value of equity (Compustat Item CSHO x PRCC_F);
Market-to-Book (LT - TXDITC + PSTKL + CSHO * PRCC_F)/AT.
Market-Book ratio Book value of interest bearing debt plus the market value of equity plus the liquidating value of preferred stock, scaled by total assets [(DLT + DLT + (PRCC_F * CSHO) + PSTKL) / AT].
(6) Compustat abbreviations and (codes) for determinants variables follow: total assets (AT, A6), price-fiscal year close (PRCCF, A199), common shares outstanding (CSHO, A25), total liabilities (LT, A181), research and development expenditures (XRD, A46), sales (SALE, A12), operating income before depreciation (OIBDP, A13), interest expense (XINT, A15), income taxes-total (TXT, A16), cash dividends-common (DVC, A21), debt in current liabilities (DLC, A34), and long-term debt (DLTT, A9).
The market-to-book ratio divides the quantity of price (Compustat variable PRCCF) times number of shares of common stock outstanding (CSHO) by the book value of the common stock (CEQ).