CSHPOCoordinated School Health Program Office (Florida)
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Table 4 Clients' Satisfaction with the Staff of the Coordinated School Health Program Office (CSHPO) in the Florida Department of Education
Clients expressed strong satisfaction with the CSHPO training programs they attended, with some 70% of respondents rating their experience as "very good" or "excellent." Respondents commented frequently on the courteous and professional CSHPO staff, and they appreciated the spirit of collaboration that existed between the DOE and DOH.
Some 85% of respondents who used the CSHPO Resource Center rated the materials and resources they received as "very good" or "excellent." Yet, only some 10% of respondents actually used the Resource Center, and almost 60% of all survey respondents indicated they did not know how to request assistance from the Resource Center.
Increase efforts to inform clients how to request assistance from the CSHPO Resource Center.
Add a toll-free telephone number to allow clients to contact CSHPO from home or from schools or agencies without SUNCOM service.
Publish a newsletter to inform clients about CSHPO activities and other matters related to developments concerning coordinated school health programs, both in Florida and at the national level.
Improve and advertise the CSHPO web site for current and prospective clients.
Clients responded favorably to their professional interactions with the CSHPO staff, with some two-thirds rating those interactions as "very good" or "excellent." Client satisfaction with CSHPO staff can best be described by the frequently offered comment: "Keep up the good work!" Clients appreciate the effort, dedication, and professionalism of the staff.
The Florida CSHPO staff should be commended for their foresight in sponsoring a satisfaction survey of all the clients served by CSHPO during the past three years.
Both the quantitative data and the narrative comments from clients reflect strong satisfaction with the programs and services offered by CSHPO during the past three years.
In the case of training programs offered by CSHPO, "less may be more." Consider reducing the total number of training programs offered.
In this case, the CSHPO staff must decide how much of an increase in activity it could accommodate within available staff and existing resources.