CSIECComputer Simulator in Educational Communication (web-based teaching system)
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For 12 teaching units the CSIEC research group designed 25 scenario scripts of both human-robot chatting and scenario show.
Surely many factors influenced the score improvement, but because only this experimental class used the CSIEC system between the two tests, the significant score improvement must correlate with CSIEC integration.
Figures 9 and 10 depict students in middle school computer rooms using CSIEC under a teacher's guidance.
Registered users now number more than 30,000, and the CSIEC homepage is visited more than 500 times every day.
Since 2006, CSIEC has been used by four university classes and three middle school classes.
With much support, in the same year I founded the CSIEC research group, which includes graduate and undergraduate students, and I still lead it.
The original goal of the CSIEC system was to provide a virtual chatting partner for English learners.
Thus an increasing percentage of longer and longer chatting shows that the free chatting quality of CSIEC is getting better.
The formal evaluation results indicate the application of the CSIEC system in English class can better assist their language learning by, for example, increasing their confidence in English communications and their interest in learning English, helping them master practical expressions, as well as improving listening skills.
Through application and evaluation, I have also determined user requirements that weren't fulfilled, such as the system's stronger ability in natural language understating and generation, a fatal factor that plagues human-computer communication, the lifelike synthesized agent voice, and high response speed, which also have been addressed in the users' feedback: In natural language processing alone, many difficult problems are left unsolved, such as textual ambiguity and entailment, elements critical to natural language understanding and generation capability of the CSIEC system.
As for the system application and evaluation, I will continue cooperating with English teachers and monitoring the improvement in English ability of the students using the CSIEC system.
CSIEC (Computer Simulator in Educational Communication): A Virtual Context-Adaptive Chatting Partner for Foreign Language Learners.