CSIPSCalifornia Special Investigative & Protective Services (San Ramon, CA)
CSIPSChild Support Internet Payment Service (Washington)
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Good thermal resistance property is valuable when CSIPs are used as roof covers.
Comparison with the CSIPs. The research results of the improved CSIPs in this paper show three obvious differences from CSIPs [10].
(1) The ICSIPs are applicable for building floors or roofs with enough structural strength and stiffness in comparison with CSIPs. The ICSIPs can overcome the two shortcomings of CSIPs; one is the large deflection, and the other is the low bearing capacity.
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To overcome the shortcomings of traditional SIPs, a new composite structural insulated panel (CSIP) was proposed in 2010 [6].
The structural scheme of the panel is 2.4 m in span and 140.04mm in thickness referring to the CSIP [10].
The second is that the maximum deflection of ISCIP (8.8 mm) is about 6 times smaller than that of CSIP (52 mm).
Our results provide evidence to raise the awareness of CSIP authorities of the negative consequences of client violence on social workers' mental health, so that changes are made enabling the social workers to adopt effective and functional coping strategies with tangible supports.