CSITComputational Science and Information Technology (various organizations)
CSITChannel State Information Transmitter
CSITComputer Science Information Technology
CSITChannel State Information at the Transmitter
CSITCorporate Services Information Technology (various companies)
CSITCoral Sea Islands Territory (Australia)
CSITCombat System Integration Testing
CSITCommittee on Social Implications of Technology (IEEE)
CSITCombat System Interface Test
CSITCombat System Interactive Trainer
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It is worth noting that the above DoF results in [11]-[19] are obtained under a requirement of global CSIT. In practical scenarios, it is unreasonable to ignore the impact of feedback delay.
The key for obtaining higher DoFs is jointly exploit the overheard ICI and IUI information at each user when there is only local moderately-delayed CSIT at each BS.
This low SNR effect is shown to be less evident in the presence of imperfect CSIT and also when the number of antennas of the MRC receiver increases.
This paper considers perfect channel estimation at the receiver side and imperfect channel state information at the transmitter side (CSIT).
The CSIT has continued to organize international competitions for member unions on a single-sport and multi-sport basis.
Ironically, the decline in public programs, which earlier leaders fought to create, in the face of globalizing neoliberal capitalism and the IOC's preoccupation with high-performance, corporate sport, is giving the CSIT a lease on life.
Our paper in IEEE Communications Magazine is also the first to be published on Body-to-Body Networks (BBNs)," said lead researcher, Dr Simon Cotton of CSIT's Radio Communications Research Group.
In [13], Maddah-Ali and Tse (MAT) proposed a transmit strategy which confirms that completely delayed CSIT is still very useful.
A virtual-MAT (VMAT) transmission scheme is proposed in [18], which exploits both statistical and delayed CSIT. Though statistical precoding in the first two transmission slots, the VMAT scheme reduces the original K-user MAT system to a two-user virtual MAT system.
To alleviate the global CSIT requirement, finding precoders algorithmically using a reciprocity assumption with local CSI is proposed in [2] and [3].
In FDD systems, the effect of quantized CSIT is analyzed in [6] and [7], in which the authors use Grassmannian codebooks to quantize the channel direction information and feedback to transmitters with frequency domain symbol extension.