CSIUCentral Susquehanna Intermediate Unit (Pennsylvania)
CSIUCorrective Services Investigation Unit (Queensland, Australia)
CSIUCore Segment Interface Unit (NASA)
CSIUCrime Scene Investigation Unit
CSIUCustomer Satisfaction Information Usage
CSIUCombat System Interface Unit
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Judy Jenkins, the CSIU director of special education.
Eight to nine months before the event, an invitation list was compiled from a master list of all the students who use alternative communication in the CSIU region.
Games: Because the students attending CC Day would have differing abilities, games that could be played by everyone were chosen with the help of occupational therapists from CSIU.
Several members of the planning committee, which included CSIU speech therapists, established a vocabulary to be given to parents about a month prior to the event.
Announcements were also made to members of the CSIU special education program, its board of directors, staff from other departments, school district administrators and the neighborhood around the school office building (who were not accustomed to seeing a circus tent in the parking lot).
Users of CSIU accounting software will now be able to leverage the investment in their existing financial system while also benefiting from the efficiencies and cost-savings of online purchasing via Epylon.
We are excited to be able to offer our clients a complete and seamless eProcurement solution," said Roy Herrold, Technology Group Director, CSIU.