CSLAACommercial Space Launch Amendments Act
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The CSLAA allows the FAA to regulate safety for human space flight on a case-by-case basis until either October 1, 2015, or until there is an accident that poses a high risk of or causes injury or death, but this is not the end of the story.
Another possible solution--extending the current CSLAA launch indemnification system to include a waiver of claims between space flight participants and a space flight entity (152)--while tempting, would not be as efficient as a time-limited tort liability immunity statute.
Although the CSLAA and corresponding regulations govern many aspects of private space flight, this Section only examines the statutes and regulations that pertain to tort liability of flights, both manned and unmanned, and any other regulations that pertain to manned space flight in particular.
[This] should be corrected in time to address expected commercial orbital ventures." An orbital venture expected early in the next decade is Bigelow Aerospace's private orbital research facility that might use Space Exploration Technologies' Falcon 9 rocket launched Dragon spacecraft for transportation.The CSLAA report will be submitted to the relevant US Senate and House of Representatives committees on 23 December.