CSLCCalifornia State Lands Commission
CSLCCongressional Student Leadership Conference
CSLCCustomer Service Life Cycle
CSLCCharter School Leadership Council
CSLCChiral Smectic Liquid-Crystal
CSLCCertified Spiritual Life Coach
CSLCCoherent Sidelobe Canceller
CSLCContext Switching Logic Cell
CSLCCapitano Superiore di Lungo Corso (Italian: Captain Superior Long Course; Merchant Marine title)
CSLCColegio Santiago de León de Caracas (Spanish; Venezuelan school)
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This is the second grant FHLB Dallas and BankPlus have awarded to CSLC.
CSLC is operating under a statutory directive from the State Legislature to establish regulations by January 2012 "governing the management of hull fouling on vessels arriving at a California port or place" and are "based on the best available technology economically achievable.
ACA has been actively involved in the rulemaking process, testifying before CSLC at public hearings in November 2011 and in January 2012, and meeting with various Commissioners to present the industry's objections to the subjective ranking system.
the CSLC staff remained tied to what is considered to be an unworkable and scientifically unsupportable idea of numeric performance standards.
In response to ACA and industry comments, CSLC included an alternative "presumed compliance" provision.
To convert these total intakes to TCDD CSLC, we divided them by 0.
As there was a high correlation between the cumulative exposure score and CSLC (Spearman correlation of 0.
To develop the trend analyses, we ordered the data in Table 1 with respect to CSLC and applied a likelihood ratio test for a significant exposure-related trend (i.
To test for potential nonlinearity in the dose response, model 1 was expanded by replacing CSLC with CSL[C.
Figure 1 shows the SMRs from the three studies and corresponding 95% CIs, plotted against CSLC (log scale) in Table 1 after adjusting as described earlier to include background TEQ CSLC.
One model assumed that relative risk was a linear function of log TCDD CSLC lagged 15 years, and the second assumed that relative risk was a piecewise linear function of (untransformed) TCDD CSLC with no lag.
The CSLC announced in January that the revised environmental reports will be available for public review in early March at their website, http://www.