CSLICenter for the Study of Language and Information
CSLICell Site Location Information
CSLICanadian as a Second Language Institute (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)
CSLICotton States Life Insurance Company (Atlanta, GA)
CSLICentre for Second Language Instruction (University of Saskatchewan; Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada)
CSLICivil Society and Local Initiatives
CSLICotton State Life Insurance (Cotton States Insurance; Atlanta, GA)
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If the Supreme Court does resolve this circuit split, the Carpenter opinion's heavy emphasis on the unique nature of CSLI records should greatly influence its analysis of the private search doctrine as applied to electronic devices.
The Court determined that the government violated Carpenter's Fourth Amendment rights when it accessed CSLI data from his wireless carriers, and held that the third-party doctrine did not apply to the facts in Carpenter.
CSLI. (6) Databases that can be used, directly or indirectly, to
(59) Federal magistrate judges ordered both MetroPCS and Sprint, Carpenter's wireless carriers, to disclose CSLI at call origination and termination of both incoming and outgoing calls during the four-month period of the robberies.
In January 2015, the commonwealth's attorney requested the issuance of a subpoena duces tecum to the Verizon custodian of records, seeking the CSLI for appellant's phone number.
Thompson filed a motion to suppress the intercepted calls, "arguing law enforcement had intercepted his communications outside the territorial jurisdiction of the Eighth Judicial District." (306) The government filed an application for orders pursuant to [section] 2703(d) of the Stored Communications Act (SCA), asking the court to require the electronic service providers for Thompson and his co-conspirators to disclose historical CSLI for their phones.
Carpenter was convicted, and he later appealed, asserting that obtaining the CSLI information required a search warrant.
In Carpenter, a robbery suspect's location was determined from his CSLI and placed him at the location of various robberies, including the robberies of cell phone retailers.
enforcement to obtain a warrant to access the historical CSLI that is
Part II will discuss legal precedent regarding cell-site simulators and cell site location information (CSLI), comparing the two types of surveillance and analyzing why CSLI precedent points to the necessity of a warrant for cell-site simulators.